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EU-India Joint Initiative
to Enhance Trade and Investment

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Welcome to the EU-India Trade and Investment Website. This website is designed to provide an interactive place of information and discussion in relation with the EU-India Joint Initiative to Enhance Trade and Investment.

The first EU-India Summit in June 2000 highlighted the need for making a joint effort to tap the potential for substantially enhancing trade and investment between India and the EU. In February 2001 the 11th EU Joint Commission encouraged industry to launch the “Joint Initiative to Enhance Trade and Investment”.

Under this 'Joint Initiative' a group of European and Indian consulting companies (DMI and TAC in Europe, Ace Global in India) have carried out general as well as sector specific studies, and, based on the results of the studies, developed a set of 'Joint Recommendations' that both Indian and European business associations (CII and FICCI in India, UNICE in Europe) formally put to the political leadership at the occasion of the 2nd bi-lateral Summit, New Delhi, 23 November 2001.

This initiative was launched with the aim of improving conditions for larger trade and investment flows between the two regions. It was recognised that one of the best ways to achieve this improvement was through consultations with business circles, to identify obstacles both in the Indian and European legal and legislative frameworks and to list concrete recommendations jointly agreed and presented to the EC and Indian administrations by business representative organizations. Three rounds were conducted and the joint recommendations had been discussed each time:

  • EU-India Business Summit, New Delhi, November 22-23, 2001
  • EU-India Business Summit, Copenhagen, October 8-9, 2002
  • EU-India Business Summit, New Delhi, November 22-23, 2003

The next EU India Business Summit will be held in The Hague on 13-14 October, 2004. A half day seminar will be devoted to a number of parallel workshops on sectors where mutual interest has been established.

DMI, AceGlobal and TAC have worked jointly since the implementation of the process.

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